An up to date list of projects, as well big as small, can be found at my GitHub profile.


Static Web is not your daddys CMS. It's a CMS that is totally static. Which means it's lightning fast in delivery. It differs from other static site generators like jekyll in that it has a dynamic admin system like wordpress or other web based CMS-systems.

Static Web is designed to be hosted either on Dropbox, Github or any other non-localStorage storage provider supported by The key importance in those storage providers is the ability to have permissions and writing over an oAuth-based API. Github have full feature support since they also have Github Pages which allow the pages to be served on the internet.
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freightCrane helps you get started with using cloud storage (Like Dropbox or GitHub). With freightCrane you just need to learn 1 API and you can easily add support for more providers in your project.
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noPass is an account manager/password manager for Google Chrome simular to other tools like 1Password and KeePass. The big difference is that noPass never stores your passwords, it only makes sure you can log in to your sites when you want and that the accounts use safe passwords. Read below titles to know more.
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